This section describes the screen that is displayed when a Slot is opened.


① Service Name

The Service Name that has been registered for the Slot is displayed at the top of the screen.

② Username

The username that has been registered for the Slot is displayed is also displayed. If you tap the username field an option to copy the username will appear. Tap “Copy” to select this option.

③ Hiragana ⇔ Alphabetic Characters

If the password was created using the “Auto-generate kana-type password” option, the Password Display Grid can be swiped either to the left or right to switch between Hiragana and lowercase alphabetic characters.

④ Additions

Any string of characters that have been added to the first 8 characters of the password will be displayed in this box.

⑤ Length

The number of characters that the password contains is displayed in this box.

⑥ Create or View Memos

Tap the Pencil icon  to access the screen for creating or viewing Slot memos. You must authenticate by inputting your Pattern to access the “Memo” screen.

⑦ Member Card

If you have registered “Member Card” information with the service, that information can be viewed in the “Member Card” section of the Slot. Tap the card icon  to access the “Member Card” section.

⑧ Edit

If you tap the wrench icon , options to edit the Slot, delete the Slot, and view the password history for the Slot will appear.

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