This function prevents unauthorized login by a third party. Unless Login Protection is released, you will not be able to log in even if you enter the correct ID and password on the site.

Release Login Protection

For sites for which Login Protection is applied, you must release Login Protection before you login to the sites.

Login protection is automatically released when you tap the Slot of the site you want to login to and open the password display screen.


When the count reaches “0”, the countdown display disappears and the login protection will be automatically resumed.

Login Protection will be resumed also when a certain period of time (※) has passed since the Password Display screen is opened, and when you have successfully logged in to the site.
※The time varies depending on the affiliated site.

To release Login Protection again, tap the “Unlock” button, or return to the Slot List screen and open the Slot again.

※Login Protection is a function that is valid only for the sites that are affiliated with PassClip and have the Login protection enabled.

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