Register long password

Registering a long password or a password customized with extra character sets 

The PassClip pattern is made up of 4 cells from the display grid. Each cell contains 2 characters, so passwords are 8 characters long by default. The passwords generated by PassClip use lowercase alphabetic characters. It is possible to customize your passwords using a total of 4 character sets: lower case alphabetic characters, upper case alphabetic characters, numbers and symbols.

It also possible to add additional characters. PassClip supports passwords that are up to 24 characters long. Under the 5 x 5 password display grid, you will find an ‘Additions’ field. Additional characters can be entered here during the password registration process. These additional characters will also be displayed here when the password is displayed.

(The 8 characters in the 4 cells corresponding to the pattern) + (Any characters in the Additions field) = The password.

Hiragana Display Mode

There is a hiragana display mode option, where each cell of the password display grid contains one hiragana.
(For example: “ri-pa-su-ku” → “り-ぱ-す-く”)
Submitting a password is easier when it is displayed in hiragana, since hiragana can be memorized more easily.