Protect with “Auto Login Protection”.

“Auto Login Protection” is a function to prevent unauthorized logins by third parties.

When logging in to a website integrated with “PassClip”, you can not log in until you tap that slot and release “Auto Login Protection”.

After a certain period of time has passed after tapping the slot or login to the website successfully, “Auto Login Protection” is applied again, and you can not login.

In other words, someone else will not be able to login without your acknowledgement!

When “Auto Login Protection” is released, a countdown timer displays on the password display screen, and when it ticks “0”, protection by “Auto Login Protection” automatically resumes.

Protection by “Auto Login Protection” will resume even after you login successfully. To release “Auto Login Protection” again, tap “Unlock”, or return to the slot list screen once, then tap the slot again.

■ For site administrators
If you want to apply this “Auto Login Protection” to the site, you need to install “PassClip Auth“.