Registering multiple e-mail addresses recommended.

Multiple e-mail addresses can be registered in PassClip

From the “E-Mail Setting” in “Setting” of the main menu, you can register additional e-mail addresses in addition to the e-mail address you registered first.

When registering multiple e-mail addresses, it is necessary to set one e-mail address as “Primary Address”. The first registered e-mail address will remain as the primary address unless you change it to other e-mail address you additionally registered.

Primary address is the e-mail address recognized by PassClip administrator as e-mail address which customer is using mainly.
It is used for distributing important information and “PassClip Weekly Mail”.

Necessity of multiple e-mail address registration

You need to verify your e-mail address, in such cases like “Inherit password information to a new PassClip due to devie change.” “When you forget the Pattern.”, “When you want to unsubscribe from PassClip service”.
Especially when you change your terminal device, it is likely that the e-mail address will be changed as well.
It might cause serious problem if your previously registered e-mail address can not be used or you can’t receive confirmation e-mail.

Registering e-mail address that can be confirmed from other devices such as a PC in advance, you can receive a confirmation mail with that e-mail address.