It needs only a “Pattern” to login. “SLOT LOGIN”

What is “SLOT LOGIN”?

You can find a mark at the second from the right of the icon menu in the bottom of the password confirmation screen.

If you do not do anything in particular, this mark will remain pale, but if you set “SLOT LOGIN” it will appear clearly and you will be able to tap.

By touching this logo will open the set site.

Depending on the setting contents, by tapping a “Pattern”, it is a function of automatically logging in to that site.

SLOT LOGIN is often set beforehand in the slot generated by inputting PassClip Code.
When you tap and enter a “Pattern”, the browser and the application are opened with the automatic login to the site.
In the case of a slot you made yourself, you can set the contents of the “SLOT LOGIN” by yourself and can use the function.

Procedures for setting “SLOT LOGIN”

SLOT LOGIN is set within the target login destination slot.

1. With PassClip, open the slot of the site you want to set SLOT LOGIN to

2. Tap “Spanner  Mark “and select” Edit “. After that, “Pattern” authentication

3. Tap “Gear   Mark” below. Open option setting screen

4. In the “SLOT LOGIN URL”, enter the login page URL of the login destination site and the information necessary for logging in.

Procedure [4] input contents are supported by “SLOT LOGIN setting” opened from “Open URL edit screen” button on option setting screen.

Input contents on the “SLOT LOGIN settings” screen

Brief explanation of each item to be set in “SLOT LOGIN setting”.

Login URL
Please enter the URL of the login page of the login destination site.

Data to use as authentication parameters
Investigate and set up what kind of “parameter” and “name attribute” the login destination site is using for authentication (judgment at login).
Since most sites use at least “ID” and “password” to authenticate, check checkbox for “Use User ID as a parameter”, “Use Password as a parameter”, if necessary.
If you need a parameter other than “ID” and “Password”, check “Add a parameter”, enter The “name” attribute,The “value” attribute accordingly.