Security enhancement with “Restoration Key”!

What is a Restoration Key?

PassClip securely backups your data on the PassClip server so if you reinstall the PassClip app at a later time or on a different device, the new installation can inherit the data from the previous installation. The default setting is for data to be inherited by the new installation once the registered email and secret pattern is confirmed. You have the option of adding a Restoration Key as an extra layer of security. Be careful, however, if you opt to use a Restoration Key and then forget or lose it, you won’t be able to inherit your data to a new installation.

Make sure you don’t forget the following three things!

· Your registered e-mail address
· Your pattern
· Your Restoration Key

How to Make the “Restoration Key”.

You can generate a random Restoration Key with the PassClip app or you can create one yourself using lower and upper case alphabetic characters, numbers and symbols. Any string using some or all of these character sets can be used as a Restoration Key. If you do opt to create your own Restoration Key make sure that it is difficult to guess. One method for doing this is to think of a personally memorable sentence and then compress it into a password using personally memorable tricks. For example, ‘When my sister was two years old, she swallowed a pebble!’ -> Wmsw2yo,ss@p!

The Restoration Key can also be generated automatically

There is also the option to have a Restoration Key generated by PassClip. A Restoration Key generated by PassClip will be a string of random characters, so it will be difficult to guess, but it will also be difficult to memorize.

Additional option to have the Restoration Key sent to your registered email address:

Another option is to have the Restoration Key sent to the email address that you registered with Passclip.
Be careful about choosing this option, since it puts your Restoration Key at risk of being visible in from your email service.

The Restoration Key has only 2 uses: data inheritance and pattern resetting.

The Restoration Key is used in only two cases:

  1. When you are inheriting your PassClip data to a new installation of the app.
  2. When you are resetting your pattern.


You can check your Restoration Key at any time in the PassClip application

You can use your secret pattern to access the Restoration Key inside the PassClip app. This can be useful when you are migrating to a new device.
Please be careful, if you opt to use the Restoration Key. If you forget or lose it, you will not be able to inherit your PassClip data to a new installation.
If you use PassClip on multiple devices and you lose or damage one of these devices, you will still be able to access your Restoration key on one of the other devices.

How to set the Restoration Key.

For details on how to set the “Restoration Key”, please refer to the following Help pages:

> Help for iOS “Set Restoration Key”
> Help for Android “Set Restoration Key”

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