PassClip Auth installation procedure

This page explains the PassClip Auth installation procedure to a site.
*It is currently open as a Free Beta service.


Step 1: Register as a member to PassClip Auth

Firstly, register yourself as a member to PassClip Auth.
1: Download “PassClip” to register as a member
2: Tap the “+” mark at the upper right of the slot list screen and select “Register PassClip Code”. Register PassClip Code “paauth”, and the slot “PassClip Auth Member” will appear.
Registration of PassClip Auth is completed.

Step 2: Create PassClip Code

1: Log in to PassClip Auth Member Site . In this case, use the e-mail address registered to PassClip and the password in PassClip Auth Member slot in PassClip app.
2: After logging in, select “Create New PassClip Code” in the menu page.
3: Set each item necessary for issuing PassClip Code. For the details of each item, please refer to Description of each item in “Create New PassClip Code”.
4: After setting, please confirm the contents and press “Create” button, PassClip Code will be created. Please check the setting contents with “Confirm” in “Manage PassClip Code” screen.

Step 3: Install PassClip Auth on your site

There are two ways to install PassClip Auth.

A: Coding in HTML
B: Using plugin for WordPress “ PassClip Auth for WordPress

A: Coding in HTML

PassClip Auth has released an authentication API for receiving authentication information.
Please send authentication information to this authentication API with the following specification from the installing site in HTML.
[Destination URL]

[Parameters to send (available methods are “post” and “get”)] 
app_service_id : ID assigned to each site when creating PassClip Code. You can check the ID from the “Confirm” in “Manage PassClip Code” screen in the PassClip Auth member site.
email : This is the e-mail address registered to PassClip by users who login to your site.
password : The password on PassClip apps entered by the login user.

[Sample Code]
This sample code is an example. Please customize it according to your site.
(If you do not understand the meaning of this sample code, we recommend studying HTML or using WordPress plugin)

 < form action = "" method = "POST" enctype = "application/x-www-form-urlencoded" >
< input type = "text" name = "app_service_id" value = "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" >
< input type = "text" name = "email" value = "" >
< input type = "text" name = "password" value = "xxxxxxxx" >
< input type = "submit" >
</form >


B: Using WordPress plugin “ PassClip Auth for WordPress

If the site is made by WordPress, the plug-in for installation is prepared.
Please refer to here .
> PassClip Auth for WordPress

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