I forget the “Pattern” and I can not take over password information

If you forget the “Pattern”, you can not take over password information to “PassClip” application in the new terminal device. Please note that even Passlogy Co.,Ltd. managing “PassClip” can not help you with your “Pattern” since we do not know your “Pattern”.

If you have another terminal device registered in “PassClip” with the same e-mail address as the e-mail address of the “PassClip” account you wish to transfer password information to, please reset the “Pattern” from that terminal device.  After this operation done, please take over password information with the newly set “Pattern”.

If there is no other terminal device registered in “PassClip”, you have to “unsubscribe” once and register again as a new member. In that case the old password information will be deleted.

>I want to unsubscribe from “PassClip”