Procedure for logging in to the site with PassClip Auth

The procedure from PassClip to logging in to the PassClip Auth integrated site,you have to follow 3 steps.

Step 1: Download PassClip application 
Step 2: Enter PassClip Code
Step 3: Log in from “Slot”

Step 1: Download PassClip application

At first a user needs to download the PassClip application.
Of course,this step is not necessary for users already using PassClip.

The following page announces the download pages for iOS and Android.
> PassClip application download page:

This page introduces what PassClip is.
PassClip is an application that can manage passwords just by remembering one Pattern.
> What is PassClip? :

Step 2: Enter PassClip Code

Tap the “+” mark at the upper right of the slot list screen and select “Register PassClip Code” from the displayed menu.


In the next screen, enter the PassClip Code and tap the “Register” button to display the list of registered e-mail addresses in PassClip. Please select an e-mail address to use as an ID.

> Help for iOS “PassClip Code”
> Help for Android “PassClip Code”

Step 3: Login from “Slot”

When user enters the PassClip Code, “Slot” of the integrated site will be automatically generated.
Tap the “Slot” to display the password.

To log in from a smartphone, tap the SLOT LOGIN icon slot login.
When logging in from other terminals such as PC, log in by entering ID (e-mail address) and password on the login screen.