[For iOS edition users] Attention on the release of next version.

We have an announce for customers who is using PassClip for iOS.

PassClip will be updated to Ver.1.7.0 on 28, Jul. The registraton method when installing, will be change from this version.

For this change, only iOS edition user will need to do activation of their account after update. Please prepare to this operation.

*Activation is the following a series of operations which you did when installing PassClip.  1:Register email address on PassClip.  2:Receive a passcord by email.  3:Input the passcord on PassClip.  4:Register pattern.

-Prepare email to receive a passcord. During activation, you will receive a passcord by email. Please check your email setting to receive a email from PassClip(noreply@passclip.com.)

-If you cannot remember the pattern. If you forget your pattern, reset your pattern before undate to Ver.1.7.0. You can reset the pattern by “Forgot your pattern?” which is to the bottom in “Change Pattern” on the main menu of PassClip.

>”When you forget the pattern.”

If you are in trouble, please contact us from “Feedback” in the help page.

Thank you in advance for your understanding.