For customers using PassClip with multiple devices.

We have an announce for customers who is using PassClip with multiple devices.

In case of using the different versions of PassClip with multiple devices, the defects may be occurred in the old version.
Therefore please update PassClip in the each devices to the newest version.

The defects is following.

  • If the old version is Ver.1.4.5 or before.
    • Not starting the application.
  • If old version is Ver.1.5.1.
    • The logo of PassClip on PassClip Slot is not displayed.
    • PassClip slot can be deleted.
      *PassClip slot can’t be deleted normally.
    • If you change the password in PassClip Slot on Ver.1.5.1, the password for PassClip Mypage is not changed automatically.

In case of using PassClip with single device, and updating all applications to Ver.1.6.0, these defects is not occurred.
If you are in trouble, please contact us from “Feedback” in the help page.

Thank you in advance for your understanding.