I want to unsubscribe from “PassClip Weekly Mail”

Why is “PassClip Weekly Mail” delivered regularly?

“PassClip Weekly Mail” is delivered to everyone registered as a member in “PassClip”.
The reason is that we want every member to regularly check if the e-mail address registered in “PassClip” is valid to receive e-mail from “PassClip”.

When reinstalling “PassClip” and taking over password information in case of loss or failure of the terminal device    (smartphone or tablet), confirmation of e-mail delivered to the e-mail address registered in “PassClip” is necessary.

If the e-mail address registered in ”PassClip” turns invalid from the service provider’s service or becomes unusable due to some troubles, you can not receive e-mail from “PassClip”. In case above happens without notice and need to inherit password information for some urgent trouble,it’s likely that you will not be able to view and inherit password information. We believe that periodic “PassClip Weekly Mail” delivery will lead you to care about unusual change and can be a trigger to find it.

For this reason, Passlogy periodically delivers “PassClip Weekly Mail” from “PassClip”.

To cope wih sudden suspension or change of e-mail address
– Registration of multiple e-mail addresses –

All of a sudden, you may not be able to receive e-mail to the registered e-mail address. In preparation for such case, “PassClip” can register multiple e-mail addresses. Even if one of the e-mail addresses registered in “PassClip” can not be used, password information can be inherited using another e-mail address. Please refer to the following site for the way of additional registration of the e-mail address.

E-mail address setting

“PassClip Weekly Mail” is only delivered to the e-mail address that is set to “Primary”.

How to unsubscribe from “PassClip Weekly Mail”

For the reasons above, it is not possible to stop only the delivery of “PassClip Weekly Mail”. Nevertheless if you want to stop delivery of “PassClip Weekly Mail” , by unsubscribing from “PassClip” will automatically stop its delivery.

Please refer here for how to unsubscribe from “PassClip”.