About terms used for “PassClip”

Please refer to description of terms used for “PassClip”.


“PassClip” requires each user to decide the position and order of 4 places in 25 squares,which is the source of the password. This “position and order of 4 places in 25 squares” is called “Pattern”. “Pattern” is a critical information not to forget as it’s used to confirm the user. Keep in mind to manage “Pattern” carefully so as not to be known to others.


The frame for registering password is called “Slot”.
One “Slot” is used per service or per website.


The total number of characters in the password is called Length.
Since Length is the sum of characters in “Pattern” and characters in “Additions”, if the characters in “Pattern” are 8 letters and the characters in “Additions” are 3 letters, total Length is 11 letters.


With PassClip, the number of letters displayed in the squares is the maximum of 8 letters, but you can also set passwords longer than 9 characters. If the password automatically generated or generated by yourself has more than 9 characters, the password after the ninth character is displayed in the “Additions”.

Also, when creating / editing passwords, tap “Additions” , you can enter additional characters from the ninth character or edit the characters if the 9th and subsequent characters are already set. 
For details,please refer to  New registration and editing of passwords

Restoration Key

When PassClip is installed for use on a new device or multiple devices, password information can be inherited.
Normally, you can inherit information by confirming registered e-mail address and “Pattern”, but if you set “Restoration Key”, “Restoration Key” input is required additionally. In this way, we can store password information more safely.
However, if you forget the “Restoration Key”, you will not be able to take over the password information, make sure you never forget it. For details,please refer to  Setting “Restoration Key”

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