Welcome to PassClip

PassClip was developed to remove the burden of managing ever-increasing passwords and to protect you from various problems caused by weak passwords.
By using PassClip, you are agreeing to the terms in this Terms of Service (“TOS”). Please read them carefully.

Terms of Service (TOS)

1. Definition

In this agreement, the following terms shall have the meaning below.

  1. “User” means a person or a corporation which agrees to this TOS and applies for the service.
  2. “Site” means the web site (https://www.passclip.com/) operated by Passlogy Co., Ltd.
  3. “Service” means “PassClip” and “PassClip My Page” in “Site,” both provided by Passlogy Co., Ltd.
  4. “App” means an application and related software for “Service” operated by Passlogy Co., Ltd.
  5. “Provider” means Passlogy Co., Ltd. providing “Service.”
  6. “Pattern” means unique location and order of the cells among 25 cells displayed in the App, which identifies User, registered at registration procedure, or changed after registration.
  7. “User Information” means email address, Pattern and other information, which User registered at the registration procedure.
  8. “Personal Information” means information which can identify specific User (including the information which can identify specific User by easily referring to other information).
  9. “User Attribute Information” means information related to services used, products purchased, internet pages or advertisement browsed by the user, browsed hours, method of use, user environment, and other information, excluding Personal Information.
  10. “Collaborating Site” means site, system or application which cooperates with Passlogy Co., Ltd. and provides the Service.

2. Agreement

This Terms of Service applies to all “User” and shall be abided by “User” when applying for and using “Service.”

3. Application for “Service,” Commencement of “Service,” and Period for Providing “Service”

  1. When “Provider” receives an application of “Service” from “User” in the manner to be separately provided, “Provider” will conduct necessary examination and will notify “User” of the availability of “Service” if the application is accepted. Upon receiving such notification, the applicant shall become a “User” of “Service,” and the contract stipulating the provisions of this Terms of Service (“the Contract”) shall have effect between “User” and “Provider.” “Provider” will provide each “User” with a pass code to use “Service.” “Service” starts when “User” registers the pass code for “Service.”
  2. “Service” is available basically 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. However, “Provider” may suspend or stop “Service” without providing prior notice to “User” due to inevitable reasons including updates or revision of contents for “Service,” security maintenance, hardware or internet trouble, blackout, natural disaster, or security reason. “User” shall understand and accept the above conditions and limitations for “Service.”

4. Immunity

  1. Even if some or all TOS is delayed or become unenforceable due to natural disaster, war, riot, civil war, extreme economical fluctuation, change of laws, governmental order, strike, transportation trouble, or other inevitable incident, “Provider” shall not be responsible to “User” and any other party.
  2. When any damage is caused to other “User” and/or any third party by “User” using “Service,” “User” shall settle them at its own cost and responsibility, and “Provider” shall assume no responsibility whatsoever.
  3. “Provider” shall not be responsible for any loss or damage of data stored in the server of “Provider” under Section 15.1 hereof.
  4. In no event shall “Provider” be responsible for any damage, loss, or disadvantage caused by using “Service.”
  5. “Provider” shall not guarantee that e-mails or contents to be sent from “Provider’s” web site, server, or domain will not contain any hazardous contents, including computer virus.
  6. “Provider” may provide some information and/or advice to “User,” but “Provider” shall not be responsible for those information.

5. Hardware required for “Service”

“User” will procure, maintain and control its own cost and responsibility all hardware and other environment to be required for use of “Service” “Provider” shall not be responsible for any trouble, interruption or unavailability of “Service” due to the “User’s” hardware or environmental trouble or reason.

6. Grant of Right to Use “App”

In accordance with the provisions of this TOS, “Provider” will grant to “User” a non-exclusive right to download and use “App” on “User’s” smart phones or any mobile devices (“device”) on which “App” is executable. “Provider” shall not guarantee that “App” will work on all “device.”

7. Restriction of Rights to Use “App”

  1. “App” may be used by “User” only for personal purpose. “App” may not be sold, distributed, or used for development or any other purpose.
  2. “User” may use “App” as it is. “User” may not duplicate, modify, update, or translate “App.”
  3. “User” may not duplicate, modify, update, or translate any or all program of “App.” Further, “User” may not disclose any or all program of “App” to any third party.
  4. If “User” withdrew from “Service” or were dismissed from the user registration under Articles 13 or 14 of TOS, “User” will uninstall “App” at its own responsibility.

8. Supervision of User Login Information, etc.

“User” is responsible for supervising user login information, “Pattern” and passwords. “Provider” will not be responsible for any damage to “User” or any third party derived from this supervision. If “User’s” login information, “Pattern” or password is used for unauthorized access, “User” must notify “Provider” about the incident immediately. “Provider” will not be responsible for any damage caused by unauthorized access to “User’s” login information, “Pattern” and passwords.

9. Prohibition

In using “Service,” “User” is prohibited to:

  1. Violate the law and/or breach TOS.
  2. Damage rights, profit, or reputation of “Provider” and/or other third party.
  3. Send and/or write harmful computer program and/or e-mail.
  4. Illegally access “Provider’s” server and/or any other computer and to use “Provider’s” web site, “Service” and/or “App” through methods that “Provider” does not disclose officially and/or violate TOS (e.g., through using others’ user login information or passwords).
  5. Copy, send, and/or forward some or all information provided by “Provider” and distribute such information to other third party without “Provider’s” permission.

10. Handling of “User” Information, etc.

  1. “Provider” will handle “User’s” “Personal Information” according to “Provider’s” privacy policy (https://www.passclip.com/ja/privacy-policy).
  2. “User Information” will be used by “Provider” for the following purposes:
    1. To inform “User” of latest information, maintenance, important notice, etc. of “Service.”
    2. To respond to inquiry, request, etc. from “User,” the contents of the inquiry and “User Attribute Information” may be used by “Provider.”
    3. To create modified statistical data in a manner anonymizing individuals from totalization and/or analysis based on “Personal Information” for “Service.”
    4. To improve “Service” and develop new service.
    5. To customize “Service” and the contents of advertisement conforming with “User’s” gender, birthday and other information provided by User to “Provider.”
    6. To allow “User” to input its own data easily at the time when “Collaborating Site” is registered in “App,” the “User’s” mail address registered by the “User” for “Service” may be indicated on the input screen, or the mail address may be forwarded to the “Collaborating Site” as per request by “User.”
  3. “Provider” will not disclose or provide “Personal Information” to any third party without consent of the “User.”

11. Paid Service

“Service” consists of (i) free service which “User” is not required to pay and (ii) paid service which will be provided to “User,” subject to User’s payment of the service fee. In the paid service, “User” is entitled to use some additional features that are not contained in the free service.

12. Fees for Paid Service

  1. Fees for paid service are as described separately in “Service” and “Site.”
  2. “Provider” may change the prices of fees for paid service, at any time at its sole discretion, provided that such change of the fees will be applied only to prospective payments.
  3. Payment for paid service will be processed by “Provider’s” designated settlement process.
  4. “Provider” will not make any refund under any circumstances.

13. Withdrawal

“User” may withdraw from “Service” pursuant to the withdrawal procedure provided by “Provider.” Upon the withdrawal from “Service,” the “User” will lose all the rights and interests regarding “Service” and “Provider” will have no more liabilities to “User” in any kind. For the avoidance of doubt, the withdrawal will not relieve “User” of the obligations to pay any outstanding fees for the paid service.

14. Suspension and Revocation of a Specific “User”

“Provider” may suspend or revoke the eligibility of a specific “User” of the Service without any notice for any of the following causes. “Provider” will not be responsible for any losses or damages incurred by “User” due to the suspension and/or revocation under this Section.

  1. When “User” breaches any provision of law or this TOS.
  2. When “User” commits any improper activities in connection with “Service.”
  3. When other causes which “Provider” judges are reasonable for suspension or revocation happen for “User.”
  4. When “User” have not accessed “Service” for successive six months or more since the day of the last access. Notwithstanding the foregoing, “User” who uses the paid service will not be suspended or revoked even if they have not accessed “Service” for successive six months or more.

15. Usage and Deletion of Data

  1. “User” accepts that various data (“data”) which “User” input during the course of using “Service” and retrieve by using “App” will be store in “Provider’s” server or mobile device.
  2. “User” accepts that “Provider” may modify “data” which “User” input and/or retrieve by using “Service” in order to anonymize individuals, and can provide the anonymized “data” to third party.
  3. When “User” registration is deleted or “User” withdraws pursuant to sections 13 or 14 of this “TOS,” “Provider” may delete or store all “data” which “User” input or retrieve by using “Service” in “Provider’s” server and mobile device at its own discretion, and the “User” shall not oppose or complain to “Provider” about such acts.

16. Change and Abolition of “Service”

“Provider” may change or abolish a part or whole of “Service” at any time at its discretion. Change or abolition of “Service” will be effective at the time of notified in the “Provider’s” web site.

17. Revision of Agreement

“Provider” may revise this TOS without prior notice to “User.” The Revised TOS will be effective at the time of uploading it in the “Provider’s” web site. “User” needs to follow the revised TOS afterward.

18. Notification

  1. Generally, e-mails will be used for communications between “User” and “Provider” including notifications from “Provider” to “User” for claim, request, etc., . The e-mail address registered by “User” when starting to use “Service” is used for such communications and “User” may change the address at any time.
  2. “User” agrees that “Provider” may send advertisement of “Service” and advertisement of products or services of “Provider” or third party to “User’s” registered email addresses.

19. Prohibition of Assignment and Confidentiality

“User” shall be prohibited to assign its contractual position or rights or obligation to any third party without prior written approval of “Provider.” “User” shall keep in confidence the “Provider’s” confidential information which may be obtained under this agreement.

20. Intellectual Property

“Provider” reserve all the patents, copyrights, other intellectual property rights for any technical feature of “Service,” its software, service contents, user manual, TOS and others on “Service.” Unless explicitly provided in this TOS, this agreement shall not grant to “User” any right or license on the contents or intellectual property owned by “Provider” in any way. “User” reserve all the intellectual property rights for the “User’s” own data. “User” shall be regarded to accept the above condition at the time “User” starts to use “Service.”

21. No Waiver and Severability

  1. The failure of either party to enforce or perform the rights under this TOS shall not be considered to be a waiver of such rights of such party.
  2. In the event that any of the provisions of this TOS proves to be invalid or illegal in a particular jurisdiction, that will not in any way affect, impair or invalidate any other provision, and all other provisions of this TOS will be in full force and effect.

22. Entire Agreement

This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between “User” and “Provider” and supersedes any prior written or oral agreement, negotiation, promise, or understanding.

23. Language

The translated documents of this TOS, privacy policy, and all other related documents for “Service” are provided for the purpose of convenience. If any translated version of documents conflicts with the Japanese version, the Japanese version controls.

24. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

The performance, interpretation, and validity of this TOS shall be governed by the laws of Japan. “User” and “Provider” agree to the exclusive jurisdiction of The Tokyo District Court over any disputes arising out of this TOS.

TOS shall become effective on October 24, 2014.

Issued as of October 10, 2014
Revised as of April 10, 2015