Data can be taken over even if you switch terminals

With PassClip, you can take over password information in case you lose a terminal (smartphone or tablet) or purchase a new terminal. Password information to be handed over is converted on a terminal with a strong encryption method (AES), and it is sent to the server of PassClip and it is protected. This encrypted data can not be decrypted by a third party (including Passlogy staffs).

Your memory (pattern) keeps information

Password information registered in PassClip is stored securely in encrypted state on the backup server. If you lose or damage your smartphone (terminal), switch to a new model, or use it on multiple terminals, you can download and use password information on a new terminal.

When downloading password data, we will use the information that only the user himself or the information of the terminal to cancel the encryption. Therefore, password information can not be decrypted even by a server administrator in Passlogy.