Passlogy Co., Ltd. (“Passlogy”) defines the Privacy Policy as followings and strives and executes to protect personal information (*1) in all “Passlogy’s” work including our web site.

(*1) In this Privacy Policy,”personal information” means the information of actual person.

(1) Personal information that can identify individual by name, date of birth, other description included in the information.
(2) Personal information including Personal Identification Code or my number card.

Privacy Policy

1. Acquisition of Personal Information
When “Passlogy” receives personal information in writing (including electrical format), “Passlogy” clarifies the purpose of use of personal information except as otherwise provided by laws and regulations.

2. Management of Personal Information
“Passlogy” executes safe and proper management of personal information in order to avoid leakage, loss, or damage and strives for improvement of management.

3. Restriction on Usage of Personal Information
“Passlogy” does not use personal information beyond the purpose of the proper usage except as otherwise provided by laws and regulations.

4. Disclosure, Correction, and Suspension of Personal Information
“Passlogy” permits to disclose, correct, and suspend personal information when the user requests for disclosure or when the user requests to correct or suspend disclosed personal information.

5. Improvement of Privacy Policy
“Passlogy” continuously revises Privacy Policy when necessary.

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