When releasing Ver.1.8.0, the sales of “Add 3 Slots” and “Follower Course” will be stopped.

PassClip will be updated to Ver.1.8.0 on September 30, and the sales of “Add 3 Slots” and “Follower Course” will be stopped. And 5 slots will be added to each account which is registered already.

>The dealing of slots when updating to Ver.1.8.0.
-“Trial use” which will experience PassClip without account registration will be added. Users on “Trial use” can use only 5 slots.
-When account registration is performed from “Trial use”, 5 slots are added. -5 slots will be added to accounts of users who are using PassClip before Ver.1.8.0, because the accounts is already registered.
-The slot added by “Add 3 Slots” before Ver.1.8.0 can also be used after Ver.1.8.0.
-The limit number of slots of the accounts which have been added by “Follower Course”, will keep 1000 even after the expiration date.

>Slot addition method after stopping of slot sale.
Utilizing PassClip and/or using PassClip for a period will be the actions to add slots without charge. Example cases are below.
-Setting a restoration key.
-Adding your email address.
-A period of time has passed after beginning to use PassClip.

>The schedule of releasing Ver.1.8.0.
We expect PassClip server will be updated at noon on September 30, and the sale will be stopped. Updates of each client will become possible in sequence from the server update. After the server update, even buying slots with clients not updated will be impossible.
*The date and time of the update may be change by the development circumstances.

>About reopening of slot sale.
Reopening of slot sale is uncertain. We would judge by the number of the used slot and requests of customers.

Thank you in advance for your understanding.