To delete your PassClip account and unsubscribe, follow the steps below.

Unsubscription procedure

1. Please access the following page, enter and send the email address registered in PassClip, and apply for unsubscripion. It would be appreciatted if you could tell us why you stop using PassClip.
>PassClip unsubscription page
※Clicking the “Send” button will take you to the page where the “Next” button is displayed, but do not press the “Next” button yet. Keep the page with the “Next” button open, and proceed to the procedure “step 2.” below.

2. A confirmation email will be sent to the email address you entered on the unsubscription application page.
Please access the URL in the confirmation email and confirm your email address.

3. After accessing the URL of “step 2.” above, return to the unsubscription page of “step 1.” and click the “Next” button.
The procedure will be completed when the message of unsubscription completion is displayed.
※”Only access to the URL in the confirmation email” and “Only press the ‘Next’ button on the page displayed after sending the email address” will not complete the unsubscription process. Be sure to follow the steps above.


  • Please make sure that you can receive emails from “noreply@passclip.com” in advance.
  • When applying for unsubscription, please be sure to enter and send the email address registered in PassClip.
  • Please note that it may take several days to unsubscribe.

【please note】
If you cancel the membership, your data on the PassClip server will be deleted.
As a result, you will not be able to:

  • Change or delete the currently registered passwords
  • Register a new password
  • Receive PassClip Weekly Mail.

※ If you uninstall the App, you will not be able to view the currently registered passwords.
※ It is recommended that you make a note of the currently registered passwords before uninstalling the App.

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