PassClip allows you to enter and manage personal information such as your name and address. This is a function to reduce the time and effort of input when you register yourself as a user on a web site affiliated with PassClip.
Whenever PassClip sends personal information to affiliated sites, we will ask the user whether or not to send it.

■Click here for the privacy policy when you use PassClip

In addition, the entered personal information is encrypted and saved, and it is essential to enter your Pattern to refer to it.

How to edit and save personal information

  1. Select “Settings” option from the Main Menu.
    If you tap “Personal Info” option from the list, you will be taken to the “Personal Info” screen after Pattern Authentication.

    By tapping the “Personal Info” button at the bottom of the Slot List screen, you can move to “Personal Info” screen without going through the Main Menu.
  2. On the “Personal Info” screen, enter any information such as first and last name, address, etc., and tap “Save” button on the upper right.
The personal information you entered is now saved.


Reference / edit of personal information

There are two ways to refer to and edit the personal information you have entered.

1. Open “Personal Info” screen from the Main Menu and enter your Pattern
2. Tap the “Personal Info” button at the bottom of the Slot List screen and enter your pattern

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