I canceled my carrier,but want to continue using “PassClip”

If you can connect to the internet with Wi-Fi etc, you can continue using “PassClip” even on canceled carrier’s (mobile phone carriers) smartphones. Even if you are not connected to the internet, you can view the password stored in the application. However, in the following cases you need to connect to the internet using Wi-Fi etc.

・New registration / editing of passwords, groups, various setting items
・Inheritance of password information during application reinstallation
・Login to the site where login protection is applied
(Need to send “Opening Slots” information to the PassClip server)
・Viewing “News” function

In addition, if e-mail address which is provided from the carrier is the only registered e-mail address in “PassClip” and if this e-mail address becomes unusable, it will be impossible to take over password information. Before canceling your carrier, we recommend you to register an e-mail address that can be used regardless of carrier. Please click here for registration of e-mail address.